Below you will find short video tutorials on utilizing every aspect of the dotFIT Program for your client's goals and your business.  The first section is designed around the administrative portion of the program, the second portion is how to USE the program itself:

Section 1: The Administrative Portion of the Program:

Access the dotFIT Certification

Adding New Members

Managing Your Member's Program

Customize Member's Menus & Workouts

dotFIT Reports for Commissions

The dotFIT Portion of the 1st Session

Preparing for Session #2

Sample Session #2

- The next section will review all the aspects of using the dotFIT Program:

How to log into your Program

How to Create your Program

Reviewing the Summary Overview Tab

Syncing dotFIT w/ 3rd Party Apps & Devices

How to Log Food

New Feature, "I Ate the Same As"

The Dietary Support Recommendation

Logging Activity/Workouts

Whiteboard Workouts

Logging Measurements

The Learn Section

The dotFIT Store

Get Your Fitness/Nutrition Advice!


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