Thomas Firshing, UFC Gym, Weight Loss Testimonial

My name is Tom Firshing, I am 44 and live in New York. Like most people who will be reading this , I have struggled with my weight my entire life. My weight was pretty much like the weather, changing all the time. Before I knew it, I was not the husky chunky guy I'd been my whole life, I was a 400 lb man who was having a tough time getting around. I started doing less physical jobs which did not help the cause. I found myself stuffed in the front of a limo for 15 hrs a day smoking 3 packs of cigarettes and eating fast food. It was not long before I basically ate and grew my way out of work. Unable to barely drive anymore there was nothing left for me to do now except feel sorry for myself and run to the one thing that's always been my go to - food. My health was deteriorating, I was suffering from sleep apnea among a list of other things, and I woke up one morning to find my legs had swelled up to twice the size they were. My mom had convinced me to go to the doctor, where they had told her to please rush me right to the since I was in such bad shape. What I remember next was waking up with breathing tubes, IV's and twenty other things sticking out of me, but what really hit home was the priest giving me my last rights. As you can imagine this grabbed my attention, and then I remember looking in the hallway and seeing my family crying and talking with the doctor and him telling them there's nothing we can really do for him at this point. Over the course of the next 2 weeks they had extracted over 80 lbs of water from my body. So here I am on my 40th birthday, bi-lateral blood clots, congestive heart and lung failure and weighing in at a mind blowing 702 lbs!

Over the course of the next 45 days they were trying to prep me to go in for gastric bypass surgery, even after the doctor telling me I wouldn't be able to lose the weight on my own I was determined to give it a try. I had managed to lose a 100lbs in the 45 days I was there, so when I left the hospital I was feeling pretty good. But it wasn't long after I started falling back into the same old routine. In a last ditch effort my sister had heard about a heart specialist who also specialized in weight loss and was supposedly very successful in helping a lot of people in my condition. This day would be the changing point in my life. After having the worst possible experience at this doctor's office and finding out I had gained back 52 of the 100lbs I lost, I sat in the waiting room, sweating from the 20 feet I had just walked with my head down, thinking to myself this is it, I give up. I was trying to get up the energy to get back to the car when in walked this guy with a UFC shirt, I only saw him for a second as he passed but he looked familiar. Then I hear "hey what's up? How are you? My name is Chris." So we talked for a little and then realized he was Chris Cope UFC MMA fighter. He was telling me they were opening a gym in the area, so I was thinking to myself he just sees a fat guy that he wants to sell a gym membership to. We exchanged numbers and I told him maybe I would check it out, but I had already decided I was done trying and I'm giving up. Then right before he left he looked at me and said Tom I need to know one thing, do you wanna live or do you wanna die? I said I wanna live. I had finally made it back to the car barely when my phone rang, it was Chris saying just wanted to make sure you got to the car ok. Being negative all the time, I thought to myself this guy really wants to sign me up. I finally made it back home sharing with my mom the miserable day I had, when my sister says, tell her about that guy Chris. "Who's Chris?" she asked, and I said nobody forget it. I went to bed that night not knowing what was to come of this disaster I called life. Little did I know what was in store.

I awoke the next morning to the doorbell ringing and in utter disbelief to find Chris on the other side of it! My mom was yelling up the stairs, "Chris is here!" Before I knew it he was in my room, telling me "Let's get up you said you wanted to live, let's start living!" For the next month Chris was at my house everyday walking 10 ft at a time in my backyard with me until I built up the strength to eventually make it into the enrollment center, where he worked with me while the gym was being built. I have been blessed with some unbelievable people in my life and I often wonder why? I think by telling my story and sharing my experiences both good and bad people will see it's possible! Anything is possible you just have to want to live!!! I'm proud to say as of today I have lost 324 lbs and still going!!

Chris eventually left UFC to pursue other avenues and another UFC Trainer, Warren Kelley at the Long Island location took me under his wing and even training me on his own time. My advice for people who want to lose weight is this:

·Set small goals, remember 2 lbs a week is over a 100 for the year.

·We are all human, if you slip up don't beat yourself up about, it happened, it's over, let's start fresh tomorrow.

·Exercise is very important, but if you're not eating right it's all for nothing. Find a meal plan that works for you and stick with it.

·Get yourself the proper supplements! 75% of people don't even take a multi vitamin, and I know firsthand that healthy snacks and supplements make a huge difference.

Here are the dotFIT products that I use:

  • Active MV
  • Superior Antioxidant
  • AminoBoost XXL
  • WheySmooth
  • dotFIT Bars

Photos: Courtesy of Tom F

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